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7 Month Old Sleep Problems

Understanding Sleep Regression Problems

7-month-old sleep problems are common as babies tend to suffer from sleep regression at different stages in their lives. In the initial years of your little one, they may not have an evident sleeping pattern, and at the age of 7 months, this problem can be pretty conspicuous. You should never forget that your baby is growing and at this age, they have discovered some new things. This is a curious age for them, and they may not be sure what to do with the new skills they are learning. These are some of the things that may be keeping your young one awake.

7 Month Old Sleep Problems

Experts say that when a baby is about to go through any significant development, they may have their normal behavior interrupted. You will realize that the 7-month-old sleep problems are also accompanied by eating problems and other changes. You should not be extremely worried as this is a temporary phase, and they will eventually grow out of it. Your baby may be confused by the developmental cycles, and you will need to be supportive. During this stage, cuddling and extra hugs are essential and will give them comfort and assurance.

Feeding seems to be a great solution to sleep regression issues. If possible, at this stage, avoid getting the baby too exhausted and try and encourage naps. This may not be the appropriate time to try and introduce new habits as it does not help the 7-month-old sleep problems.

Handling Sleep Regression Problems

Most parents tend to panic whenever they encounter a challenge with their infants. However, when you panic, this does not solve the 7-month-old sleep problems. Some habits are bad and need to be dropped immediately. Your baby understands your mind more than you know it, and in most cases, when they cry, they are picked up or fed. These are not helpful and need to stop right away. In just a few nights, you will notice that the baby learns to cry and stop when they are not picked up.

To keep an eye on your baby, you should be in the same room but not share a bed. As early as seven months, when you say good night, mean it and go to sleep. This is a crucial part of sleep training for your baby and goes a long way to ensuring the baby knows the limits. At this point, even if they protest or cry, they do not go back to their crib. Where the baby wakes up in the night, you can walk up to them and reassure them that everything is fine but do not pick them up.

Relax, This Too Shall Pass!

It is good to start sleep training at an early age for your baby. However, you should not worry about 7-month-old sleep problems as this is a phase, and it shall also pass. It will hardly last two weeks, and you will be back to normal behavior.