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5 S Baby Soothing

What Are the 5 S’s?

Babies tend to cry as a way of communicating with their parents. You will realize that when the baby is hungry, sleepy, or in pain, they will cry. As a parent, the hardest thing is to standby as your baby is crying, and this is why 5 s baby soothing is a great solution. If you are new to this method, we will discuss the details, and at the end of this post, you will learn a new way to calm your baby.

The 5 s’s are:

  1. Swaddle
  2. Stomach/side position
  3. Shush
  4. Swing
  5. Suck

5 S Baby Soothing

Let us look at each of S’s in detail, and we hope to provide you with helpful information.


Swaddling is the first step in the 5 s baby soothing method, and this recreates the feeling of the baby being in the womb. Wrap the baby with their arms straight but leave room for the legs and hips to move freely. You should only swaddle a baby when they are sleepy and fussy and not all day long. The neck and face should not be covered with a blanket.

Stomach/Side Position

Most baby experts recommend putting babies on their backs as the best and safest sleeping position. However, this does not work when the baby is cranky and fussy. With this S, you will need to hold the baby on their stomach and place them over your shoulder. This will calm the baby down almost instantly.


Most parents believe that babies need total silence to sleep, which is not entirely true. While babies are still in the womb, they are surrounded by blood veins that keep the blood flowing, which is not entirely quiet. The 3rd S of the 5 s baby soothing method is creating some sounds that will shush the baby. You could look for ocean sounds or something similar so that they can have the same experience as if they are still in the womb.


The main reason babies get fussy is when they try to adjust to life outside the womb. Every time they feel secure, as if they are in the womb, they will calm down. Swinging the baby gently is another way of keeping the baby calm and quiet when they are crying. Support the head and neck and swing them side to side in a gentle manner.


Last but not least, sucking is the final stage of the 5 s baby soothing technique. Babies love to suck, and you can calm them down with a pacifier. You will notice that most babies will become calm when they are sucking.

Remember that this is a technique that may take some time to master. Therefore, you need to be patient and consistent, and you will soothe your little one without much difficulty.

Try the 5 S's Technique To Calm Your Baby!

No parent enjoys watching their baby crying. Use the 5 s baby soothing to calm down the baby, and if this does not work, you can discuss it with your pediatrician. Start this technique and see the difference.