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5 Month Baby Teething

Teething is one milestone that starts as an exciting journey for most parents. However, in the initial stages of the teething process, your little one may end up experiencing some pain and discomfort.

This is rather frustrating for most parents who may not know how to help. The timing of baby teething may vary from child to child. On average, most babies may start teething from 4 to 6 months. As such, 5 month baby teething is a common occurrence.

Whether your baby starts teething early or later than the expected period, there are some common things that will happen. In this simple guide, we will take a look at the teething journey and some of the things that you can do to help the process. Let’s get started!

Teething Symptoms in Your Baby 

  • It is important to note that babies are different and as such, the teething signs may vary. It should not come as a surprise if your baby does not show any signs of a new tooth about to extrude. Some of the common symptoms for 5 month baby teething may include:
  • Drooling
  • Irritability
  • Swollen and sore gums
  • Loss of appetite
  • Crankiness

As far as the symptoms of teething, they will take just a couple of days before the new tooth breaks out. When the tooth protrudes from the gum, most of the symptoms will reduce significantly. However, you can expect the cycle to recur several times as your baby gets all 20 teeth.

Best Remedies to Soothe Teething Babies 

5 month baby teething may be painful and uncomfortable for your baby. Contrary to popular beliefs, there is no secret trick that works for all children. This means you will need to try out a couple of remedies before you can find the right one. Soothing the gum helps with the discomfort and the pain. Here are some of the most effective remedies:

  • Massage the gum: You can use your fingers and a clean washcloth to massage the baby’s gum. You should be gentle when doing this.
  • Use teething toys: One of the best baby chew toys is the teething ring. There are different types and designs that you can get for your baby. Avoid freezing the teething ring as this may make it too hard for the baby to chew on.

If you are not sure of the best ways to soothe the 5 month baby teething, you should consult an experienced pediatrician.

When to Talk to a Pediatrician about Baby Teething

When your little one is teething and there are extreme signs of illness, fever, diarrhea, and irritability, it would be advisable to see a doctor. If you are not sure of any symptoms, it would be safer to talk to a pediatrician to get a precise diagnosis and treatment of the same. 

5 month baby teething is a journey that will elicit mixed reactions but with this simple guide, you should have a good understanding of what to expect!