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28 Week Baby Premature

What's Happening at 28 Weeks

The gestation period for human beings is about 39 weeks. Any baby that is born before getting to the 37th-week mark is considered to be a premature baby. Babies are different and when they are born at different stages of the pregnancy, they will show unique traits. Generally, a 28 week baby premature needs extra care and will have to spend some time in the incubator. These are small babies and they are not fully developed, which means that they require special attention and medical care.

At the 28th week, babies are usually about 16 inches long and weigh about 2.5 pounds. This is a stage where rapid eye development occurs and they can actually blink as their eyelids are open. However, since the baby’s retina is still developing, they stand at a risk of suffering from retinopathy of prematurity. Medical experts will help and give the necessary support to such babies until they are fully developed.

What Causes Premature Births

If you have a 28 week baby premature, take heart in knowing that the baby has a very high chance of surviving. All they need is the best medical care and soon they will grow like any other baby. Did you know that in over 50% of premature births the exact cause is not known? As such, parents who deliver babies prematurely should not beat themselves hard. Here are some factors that may trigger premature births:

  • A weakened cervix or conditions that affect the cervix or uterus
  • Multiple pregnancies like twins
  • Maternal infection
  • Medical conditions that threaten the life of the mother and the baby forcing the delivery to happen sooner
  • Conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes

There are other risk factors that are associated with a 28 week baby premature like too much physical activity, substance abuse, stress, depression and anxiety and so much more. Keeping up with all your antenatal appointments is one of the best ways to ensure that your pregnancy ends well. However, you may follow all the rules and still end up with a premature birth but taking safety measures will reduce such chances.

Survival of Premature Babies

A good number of premature babies end up surviving and growing up without any problems. There is a great increase in medical knowledge and experience, which has increased the survival rate of 28 week baby premature. Babies born after 28 weeks have a better survival chance than those who are below 23 weeks old. Every mother hopes for safe and normal delivery when the pregnancy comes to term. If you have a premature baby, they can develop to full term under the care of medical experts. It is advisable to always keep your doctor in the loop in case of any unusual experiences during your pregnancy.

Final Thoughts

Most parents with a 28 week baby premature may start off their parenting journey with stress and anxiety. However, with proper medical care, guidance, and support, most problems can be averted. Always be optimistic and follow the advice given by medical professionals to increase the chances of survival of your preemie.